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Mon Frere is a brand new EDM project started by two brothers, Paul and Matthew Lennox who lived in Bermuda and still hold our dear country close to their hearts, have released their debut Album Urban Glow. I must say if you are into EDM or dance their first album is dope. Its not the typical “EDM” you hear in the massive clubs that blow your ear off, but It will definitely get you on your feet and grooving. I personally enjoyed the melodies and enjoyed glimpses of their ability to use groove and funk elements in their track making.

Maybe I am a little biased because this was the first track I heard from Mon Frere but my favourite track is still “Exposed” (to see music video click MONFERE INTERVIEW below). I DJ, so one night I took a chance and dropped the track to see what the response would be and not to my surprise, it worked seamlessly, as if a major label had produced it, and the crowd continue to JAM to the sounds of Mon Frere. I cant wait to include a few more tracks into my set this weekend. Our island is small but we have an abundance of talent, these young men have followed their dreams and look at what they have produced. We are Bermuda and we can do anything we put our minds to, but we have to support each other! Make sure you get the album URBAN GLOW at

If you have not seen their first exclusive interview with us click below to find out all about these two ambitious musicians.

Check out their album at
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