Marching on Government House – A good cause or not?

Gov.House March

So there was a highly debatable march on Government House here in Bermuda this week. There are many things to talk about concerning this march and what led up to it, but I just want to mention one thing. I’m sure most reading this know the reasoning behind it. Actually that is the problem with this whole debate regarding this march and the issues behind it. Everyone has their own opinion and interpretation of what this march is for. After having many heated debates with friends and family over this march it became obviously clear that as much as some people want to believe this is a two-sided coin of PLP vs OBA or White vs Black this is FAR from the case. One of the first questions I had received from my friends was “Why did you March?” After explaining my reasons for attending the march, even though I thought I made it explicitly clear that I wasn’t marching for a party or for a race but for Bermudians past, present and future, at the end of the day they still feel I was just marching for PLP. It’s a shame that there are those that want to label everyone under a certain banner to fit their view. Unfortunately party politics will always lead to this ideology imo, but hopefully one day more people will start to look at Bermudians as Bermudians, and understand that everyone’s views should be respected and to keep an open mind. We are ALL in this together! Did you attend the march? If so why? Or why not? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think 🙂 March on Government House – Bermuda – July 15th 2014 from We Are Bermuda on Vimeo.

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