Interview with Taja Fox, Owner of Bermuda Bliss Magazine

Taja Fox of Bermuda Bliss Interview We Are Bermuda

Taja Fox of Bermuda Bliss Interview We Are Bermuda

What is your name and what do you do for a living? Taja Fox, Editor of Bermuda Bliss Magazine and blogger of Shavae, a lifestyle, travel and fashion blog.

Can you talk a little about Bermuda Bliss Magazine and how you ended up where you are today? Bermuda Bliss Magazine is a FREE digital publication, only a year old, which is available online through subscription. There is no cost to subscribe nor to read Bermuda Bliss. Our publication produces local interviews of the community by showcasing local businesses, companies, non profit organizations and more.

I started this publication to learn more about Bermuda (for myself) while getting to know the locals. Little did I realise that it was a tool to inspire and to share the locals story while bringing awareness to businesses/organisations.

What inspired you to start Bermuda Bliss? Bermuda and it’s people are my inspiration. This country is full of talented people who are truly inspirational. The island, it self; is captivating which caused me to produce Bermuda Bliss Magazine. I wanted to showcase what the island has to offer… hence the name “ Bermuda Bliss”.

Can you tell us your thoughts on Bermuda and how it differs from other countries you’ve visited? Bermuda is breathtaking. It is a rare jewel in my eyes as I have absolutely fallen for its beauty. Compared to other countries, I know that I can be at peace when I am near the pink sand and crystal clear blue waters. I feel like Bermuda is home away from home.Taja Fox of Bermuda Bliss Interview We Are Bermuda

Can you give us a brief walk through of your day to day working on Bermuda Bliss? I start working around 7am, briefing the editorial agenda and planning social media promotions for various articles. Then around 8:15/8:30am I respond to emails and setup meetings with potential interviewees/advertisers. The rest of the day, I review other lifestyle magazines for inspiration. Some days are strictly research, editing, and/or contacting new upcoming entrepreneurs to feature in our quarterly publication. Of course, there are many breaks for fuel. =)

What can you tell us of some of the challenges you had to get started and recognized in your chosen career? The lifestyle and location was the biggest challenge of my career. Adjusting from the fast – paced lifestyle in the U.S. to Bermuda was a bit out of my element, Also, support for something new (such as Bermuda Bliss) was a challenge in itself. Getting the word out about a new publication to the locals is not easy. 2015-09-20-06.01

For someone who is interested in going into a profession like yours, can you tell us of what you think would be essential attributes, skills etc? As a magazine editor, you must be passionate about creating great content. I would also suggest that creativity is a must. There are some days where you have to have a creative mind in order to get any job task completed. Editing can be tasking and very draining but with passion and creativity you will be able to accomplish any given goal. Lastly, have a background in journalism and the basic fundamentals of the English language; it’s extremely vital.

What are some of the best things you like about Bermuda? I love when Summer comes around in Bermuda. There are so many special occasions like Bermuda Day, that brings family and friends together for such a joyous occasion; such as the Bermuda Day parade. As stated above, I love the beautiful beaches. Some days I would take a walk on the beach just to enjoy the stunning view. It’s so soothing especially after a busy and tasking day.

What are the some of your career highlights? Some of my career highlights would be writing for Canada’s Fashion Hungry just a month after college graduation. It was a fun and exciting time for me. I also had the opportunity to write for Bermuda Parent Magazine when I moved to Bermuda. The editor of Bermuda Parent, Katrina Ball gave me an awesome opportunity to showcase my skills through her publication as well as photograph the 2014 Summer cover. I’m forever grateful for that.Taja Fox of Bermuda Bliss Interview We Are Bermuda

What are your personal goals and ambitions? My personal goals and ambitions is simply to be the best me. I want to be an example not only to young girls but to anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams – they can look at my journey and realise that they can accomplish any goal/ambition that they may have.

How would you encourage more people to get out there to achieve their dreams and aspirations? As I continue with Bermuda Bliss, I hope that I can encourage others to achieve their dreams and aspirations by sharing their story through our publication. This will show them our support which is just a stepping stone to giving them the push that they may need to move forward.

What are some things that would always draw you back to Bermuda? Definitely the people and the cuisine. I have enjoyed delicious meals from all across the island and will always come back for more.Taja Fox of Bermuda Bliss Interview We Are Bermuda

What is next for Taja Fox? Next for me is expanding the brand of Bermuda Bliss Magazine. Currently, it’s an online magazine which I would love to see in print as well. Hopefully we can find the best publisher for us.

Where can those interested keep up to date with you? Stay connected with me on my blog: All social media links can be found there. 🙂

Describe Bermuda in three words. Treasure. Loving. Blissful.Taja Fox of Bermuda Bliss Interview We Are Bermuda

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