Interview with dancer KJ Takahashi

Interview with dancer KJ Takahashi


• What is your name and what do you do for a living?

My name is KJ Takahashi and I’m an 8th grade middle school student in New York City.

• Can you talk a little about your background and how you ended up visiting Bermuda?

Well I started animation dance about two years ago. That’s when I first saw the YouTube viral video doing phenomenal robot-like dancing. I felt like,”I have to try this” and just watched the video over and over for hours trying to replicate his moves and I eventually was successful and uploaded a video of me doing his exact same moves online. I ended up visiting Bermuda just for relaxing vacation with my family.

• Can you tell us your thoughts on Bermuda and how it differs from other countries you’ve visited?

When I first arrived to Bermuda, I noticed the significant change in temperature compared to New York, it was so warm! Bermuda was simply paradise, it’s an experience like no other.

• Can you give us a brief walk through of your day to day?

We woke up to birds chirping and amazing continental breakfast. Of course I went to film a video by the ocean and loved seeing the clear water and beautiful beach wave noises

• What can you tell us of some of the challenges you had to get started and recognized in your chosen career?

Some challenges I noticed a lot in my career is just doing something or an objective in a professional way. When I was thinking of practicing for the video I I mentioned above, I sometimes doubted myself. I sometimes said that I’ll never be able to do it, or this is impossible, but when I looked on the bright side I realize that nobody has done a cover dance to this video and if I manage to pull it off I’ll be the first to do this.

• For someone who is interested in going into a profession like yours, can you tell us of what you think would be essential attributes, skills etc?

Whoo… That’s a tough one but one thing that does pop up is that you need patience and determination. Then again it really would depend on that persons personality but for me I needed those two components and that’s all.

• What are some of the best things you like about Bermuda?

The best thing I like about Bermuda is the beautiful view of the ocean meeting sand… It’s just gorgeous.

• How much traveling do you actually do per year, and do you plan to visit Bermuda again?

Our family doesn’t do much traveling but we would definitely come back as soon as possible!

• What are the some of your career highlights?

One highlight I remember was when I was on the news being the youngest dancer to compete in an online dance competition. The main highlight I remember the most was when the dancer in the viral video liked and subscribed to my channel after I uploaded the dance cover

• What are your personal goals and ambitions?

My personal wish is that I have not met this phenomenal dancer yet… It would be awesome if I could meet him. My ambition is to at least reach 1,000,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel

• How would you encourage more people to get out there to achieve their dreams and aspirations?

When in doubt just close your eyes and envision yourself. Over a million subscribers, many fans. Now open your eyes and get there.

• What are some things that would always draw you back to Bermuda?

The people there are so nice and it just warms your soul to the point where it wants to feel that warmth again.

• What is next for KJ Takahashi?

Continue crafting my art and deliver them to the world!

• Where can those interested keep up to date with you?


KJ Takahashi Facebook

• Describe Bermuda in three words.

Beautiful, Paradise, and Relaxation

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