Interview with Katie Quinn and her trip to Bermuda


So tell us about Katie?

I’m a video journalist and food enthusiast! I make videos about food and travel because I believe it connects people. All around the world, we have much more in common than we might think.

Can you talk a little about your background and how you ended up creating the TheQKatie  Youtube channel?

Two weeks after college graduation, I was living and working in New York City. I entered the media industry just as digital video was beginning, and I got involved it in when it was still a nascent form. After many years of doing video content for various media companies, I decided I wanted to create my own outlet!

What made you decide to come to Bermuda and try out our local dishes?

I had heard that Bermuda was awesome, but I didn’t have a clear WHY it was so great. So I decided to find out for myself. And it became immediately clear: the people are delightful, the island and surrounds are beautiful, and the food is fresh, unique, and delicious.


What was your favorite dish?

My favorite dish was the codfish breakfast! Codfish, hard boiled eggs, dumplings, potatoes, avocado and banana–it was a combination I’d never heard of before, and then I was shocked at how amazing it was! The tastes all blended together surprisingly well. I think that dish exemplifies what makes Bermudian food distinct and special: it incorporates the island’s history, mix of people, and locally-grown food…and puts it all together! You’ve got the British influence of codfish and potatoes, and the island-grown banana and avocado. So many of the dishes I had in Bermuda seemed to be a tasty microcosm of Bermuda itself.

Can you give us a brief walk through of your day to day?

Every day is different for me. Some days I’m traveling–by plane, train or car. Other days I’m exploring a new city or restaurant. Most of my days consist of planning for a video, then shooting it in my apartment, followed by editing the video. That process can take a whole day. And some days are just full of meetings and catching up on emails. It differs all the time!

What can you tell us of some of the challenges you had to get started and recognized in your chosen career?

The greatest challenge was gaining the momentum to do what I’m passionate about. For so many years, I put in my time in jobs that were not necessarily ideal, but they were necessary to getting me to where I wanted to go!

Which do you enjoy most about your YouTube Channel?

I most enjoy creating content that I am passionate about and then hearing from viewers that they got something from it! I love feeling connected to my viewers.

For someone who is interested in going into a profession like yours, can you tell us of what you think would be essential attributes, skills etc?

Fearless curiosity, determination, willingness to talk to anyone, believing that there is a good story to be found anywhere, and gaining all the technical skills that will let you tell the stories you want to share with the world.

 What are some of the most memorable things you took home with you about Bermuda?

Bermudians are some of the most friendly people around, there’s a legitimate food culture there, and the surrounds are unbeatable.

What are the some of your career highlights?

Being a multiple-time guest on the TODAY show, being chosen the winner in a cooking competition judged by Padma Lakshmi (host of Top Chef), and my YouTube channel partnering with the awesome food video/media company Tastemade.

What are your personal goals and ambitions?

 I live in New York City right now. I love living here, but right now it is also necessary for me to live here for professional opportunities. I’d love to get to the point that I could live anywhere (ideally somewhere surrounded by much more nature) I choose and still have just as many opportunities.

How would you encourage more people to get out there to achieve their dreams and aspirations?

 The first step is to believe in yourself. The second step is to gain the necessary skills to actualize your goals. The third step is to take the leap!

What is next for Katie? 

More travel, more food, and more videos that reach a wider and wider audience.

Where can those interested in you and your work find out more about it?

Describe Bermuda in three words.

Stunning, welcoming, unique.




Thank you Katie for interviewing with us and hope to see you back in Bermuda soon!

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