Having a chat with Miss Sustainability



Having a chat with Miss Sustainability– K. Denaye Hinds

While I was interning at OBMI during my undergrad of Architecture I did not know I was going to meet an extraordinary woman in the process. I met Denaye during a summer when I was back to the island from university and she from the OBMI Miami office to follow up on a few projects (which she often does. We immediately had a connection which has forged a great friendship over the years.

It is my pleasure to introduce Denaye Hinds to those who do not know her and for those who do to be reminded of what a great woman she is. Denaye is not only beautiful but intelligent with a way of making anyone feel comfortable around her.  She pays very close attention to detail (a little bit of a perfectionist- a Virgo trait) Her accomplishments are those to be celebrated as acquiring the position of “Director of Sustainability” of a Bermudian-international firm shows her ability to achieve. Her job requires her to travel, which she does so eloquently as an Ambassador of Bermuda, I am proud to know that we have people like Denaye representing our small island home.

Denaye is somewhat of a trailblazer in my eyes for not only Bermudian women but Bermudians in general in the field of Engineering and sustainability. She is a progressive thinker and has many ideas on Bermuda Tourism and the direction Bermuda should turn to compete on a global level sustainably. I had a chance to sit down with Ms. Hinds on her last visit to Bermuda where I was able to get her in front of a camera to give a little insight on her life as a woman in the built environment industry, her acknowledgement in the CJ (Caribbean Journal) which she was mentioned alongside Sir Richard Branson (Co Found of the B Team) as an important figure in Sustainability throughout the Caribbean. I will let her tell you “WHO IS DENAYE HINDS”.

Watch Video below for interview:

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