Footy Force represents Bermuda at the World Futsal Championship in Orlando

Footy Force represents Bermuda at the World Futsal Championship in Orlando

Show some support for our young men travelling to Orlando to represent Footy Force Futsal Academy and Bermuda at the World Futsal Championships.  Footy Force would like to thank CADA and DNDC for your support and to all their sponsors which will be given recognition in an updated post.

Big shout out to the players and coaches for all the hard work before embarking on this journey. Last but not least the parents deserve a big thank you as well for their support and giving their sons the opportunity to be a part of the Footy Force family.

The Footy Force Futsal Academy “Cadete” Boys Team will travel to participate in the 2014 World Futsal Championships to be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida from Monday, August 4 through Monday, August 11, 2014.

Teams representing countries from around the world will participate in six age groups. The Footy Force “Cadete” team has been placed in Group A and will play against Spanish powerhouse FC Barcelona, City Futsal, and Legends.

Footy Force players will also attend various symposiums held by top coaches and club directors.

The Footy Force team roster includes Jordan Watts, Travis Boyles, Knory Scott, TaiQuan Davis, Mathew Lampit, Ryan Day, Azir Harvey, Diego Richardson, Malachi Davis-Salaam, Jomeko Mallory, Link Smith, Jenico Sealey, Colin Zuill, Keitaro Darrell, Jahiem Iris, and Sage Blair-Paynter.

I have personally had the opportunity to train and coach these young men alongside President Vinzie Zuill and Head Coach Peter Rickards.  I have been very impressed by these young men’s sheer determination to improve and support each other on the court. From early morning beach trainings to gruelling spinning classes, they have done it all. I was able to round up old friends of mine who I felt would benefit the Cadete players due to their intelligence on the pitch and humble attitudes (who will be mentioned once I get confirmation to use their names) to offer a challenge for the Cadete players. My mates definitely underestimated them in the beginning as when they came on the court they saw little boys from 10 to 14 years old. They soon realised they had to pick their game up once they saw a few balls cross their goal line in quick succession. Futsal is quite different from 11 aside Football, smaller areas to play and the pace is much faster. The Cadete players fought hard each week regardless of the physical challenge of playing men, who we gave the name “de SQUAD” (must be said with a soft “d” and a hard “S”). My mates were able to offer some constructive criticism and praise when they saw areas they needed to improve in or areas they excelled in. Thank you again to you guys who came to support the boys each week.

I believe Footy Force has brought young men from all walks of life closer through Futsal to appreciate each other as players, and most importantly as fellow Bermudians. These players deserve a round of applause for their hard work leading up to the 2014 World Futsal Championships in Orlando. Now they embark on a new challenge, of facing teams from around the world in front of strange crowds cheering for their team to win. Will they be up to the test?

UPDATE: Footy Force played a practice match against FC Lions U16 team (Orlando) on August 4th. The final score was 5-5, according to all players played well! Goal scorers: Travis Boyles 1, Colin Zuill 1, Knory Scott 2, Diego Richardson 1

UPDATE:Footy Force at the World Futsal Championships – August 7 Results: Footy Force 3 vs FC Barcelona 15 ; Legends 7 vs Footy Force 7

The first match at this level of competition and on an international stage was Barcelona. I am sure the Cadete players were overwhelmed with a whirlwind of emotions before this game especially right before kickoff. Excitement, nervousness, worry, happiness are probably a few that they were experiencing. After all it is Barcelona. In the end they lost, but not all was lost. They are able hold their heads high to know they went shoulder to shoulder and toe to toe with players who have been playing futsal all their lives. Everyone knows how great Barcelona is in this sport.

Footy Force was able to regroup later in the day and make a comeback against Legends and then eventually take the lead at 7-6 with 2 minutes left in regulation. However, Legends were able to dig a little deeper and able to pull back an equaliser to make the score 7-7 to end a spectacular hard fought match. Footy Force has an opportunity to advance if they win their next match.

Watch this space for more updates on Footy Force Cadete’s World Futsal Championship campaign.


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