Exclusive Interview with Michiko Campbell the man behind the Rub

After hearing about a Bermudian seasoning Michiko’s Smokey Rub it is called, the team at We are Bermuda jumped on the chance to interview the person behind it. We were eager to hear the story and what was next for the new startup. What made the opportunity even more special was that the creator is a young Bermudian who I actually grew up with and have always admired his passion for the things he put his hands on. I was in no way surprised that he Mr. Campbell who I know as Chiko would become successful. I was delighted to meet his beautiful Fiance who has been by his side every step of the way. It is inspiring to see how the love of what you do and those around you can spiral into something beyond the individual and into the hearts of others. With every bottle of Chiko’s Smokey Rub know that you are now a part of a young man’s dream, which just makes a meal that much more special.
I introduce you to Michiko Campbell the man with the special Rub.


What is your name? Michiko Wayne Winstfield Campbell

Does your name mean anything? Yes, Michiko means “first born”. I am a twin. I was born first.

Tell us a little about your life before becoming a chef?

  • School – I attended St. Davids Primary to primary two, St. Georges Prep to primary three, and than completed my primary school at East End Primary. I than went on to ClearWater Middle School. Once completed there, I attended the Berkerly Institute High School. I graduated in 2007.

I attended Bermuda College from January 2008 until graduation in May 2010. I graduated with a diploma in Culinary Arts. I than went on to Johnson & Wales University in Miami Florida. There I achieved my Bachelors of Science degree in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management in May 2012.

  • Family – I am an identical twin and the oldest of five siblings. Family means the world to me and I believe it is very important for family to stick together through the good times and the bad.
  • Hobbies – My hobbies include fishing, running, traveling, drawing, and building things.
  • Favourite Movie – I do not have a favourite but I enjoy action and thriller movies.
  • Favourite song/artist – Soca and Reggae

Your most vivid memory? Attending university.          newCHIKO_01

Has that memory shaped who you are today or lead you unto this path? Attending university opened up my eyes to the true “culinary world”. It made my desire to become a chef even stronger.

Have you always wanted to be a chef? I wanted to be Architect. I enjoy anything that includes using the mind and hands to create. I love drawing. Around age 15 I decided I want to be a chef instead after doing my first bbq.

What was your inspiration? Seeing the look on peoples faces and hearing their compliments after trying my food creations.

What job did you have before becoming a Chef? Landscaper.

What made you decide to produce a rub? Why not a sauce? I decided to produce a rub after taking a mixology course at my University. It was fun to create tasty seasonings to add a “twist to your dish”. I enjoy dry seasonings, thats why I decided to produce a rub and not a sauce. I can also make a sauce with the rub.

Who chose the name and why? My Fiance’ & I. We were going to call it “Smokey Bermudian Rub’, but she said lets put “Chiko” in front of it. So thats why we came up with “Chiko’s Smokey Rub’.


Where can we find your rub? What is the best meat to use it with? You can find the rub at Carole Holdings store in Dockyard, Bermuda Linen & Gifts in St. Georges, Portraits Afriques Barber on Cox Hill Road. Recently it has been added onto the menu at Bermuda Bistro’s, The Beach. You can also order the rub through my website www.chikosmokeyrub.com, Facebook chikosmokeyrub or email [email protected] It can be used on any meats and vegetables. I have had some customers use it in pasta dishes as well. It is an all purpose rub.

What is next for you?  I will be introducing new flavours in the near future. Stay tuned.

What does Bermuda mean to you? Bermuda is my home. No matter where I may end up in this world, I will never forget home. Never forget where you came from.

What advice would you give young Bermudians who are aspiring to become a chef or entrepreneur?

The sky is the limit! Anything worth doing take time. Stick with it and your dreams will come true. Go Culinary!



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