Bermuda – Quo Fata Ferunt

Bermuda’s re-opening on July 1 made a year fraught with uncertainty into a story of hope and personal rejuvenation for me. Like a little child on Christmas Eve, I beamed with excitement and experienced that tingling feeling that only accompanies a magical experience the night before I arrived. I could scarcely believe that after all the uncertainty and unexpected twists and turns this year has brought us, on October 9th, I was headed back to De Rock. My racing heart accompanied our pilot’s announcement that our descent into the Crown Jewel of the Atlantic was imminent.

Then, my heart stopped. On the horizon, there it was. Out of nowhere, Bermuda suddenly appears like a mirage, except this mirage is in fact the most stunning and captivating sight one will ever experience. First, the reefs surrounded by cerulean waters so clear that one can practically see to the bottom, followed by the fishhook. All at once, and in a quick moment, I am overwhelmed by a rapid rush of emotions. And yes, tears come to my eyes. This having been my seventh trip to Mark Twain’s favorite destination, I have developed a regular itinerary of visiting with friends, touring my favorite historical sites, and of course spending hours upon hours in the ocean.

One particular highlight of this trip was the chance to visit the National Museum again in Dockyard and to see some special items. I have been fortunate to ‘virtually volunteer’ for the museum this year, and my interest in, and love for, Bermudian history has greatly expanded as a result of my volunteer work. The leadership at the museum is top-notch, and they are genuinely focused on making accessible to everyone the incredible story of an even more incredible island.

Friends repeatedly ask me to describe Bermuda-any attempt to do so is bound to fail. It is a place filled with an indescribable sense of mystery and intrigue. It is a place where history is alive. It is a place where breathtaking sunrises and sunsets abound, the most beautiful one has ever seen. But above all, Bermuda is a place that will capture your soul and live within you. Out of this year came the reaffirmation that Bermuda is deeply imbedded in me and will always be there.

As crazy as the world may at times be, there will always be Bermuda. And for me, that is my personal ‘Quo Fata Ferunt.’


Jeff, Alexandria, VA

Instagram: jemappellejeff

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